A Serious Water Filter for the Serious Prepper

Eventually you will run out of clean, drinkable water, no matter how many gallons you have in your “self-reliance” stockpile. The serious prepper needs to get serious about water filtration so that rather than being “self-reliant,” you can become “self-reliant.” I recently purchased a Katadyn TRK Drip Gravidyn Water Filter. This is a great filter … Continue reading »


Using Google Maps to Identify Water Sources

It goes without saying that water is the most essential element of any catastrophe plan. Rainwater collection and stored water might provide you and your network with substantial water supplies. However, it is also important to identify water sources near your bug out location, even if you live at your network’s primary bug out location. … Continue reading »


Water that is Biologically Safe…but is it Drinkable?

I recently had an idea to try filtering some of my rain barrel water by using a coffee filter to pour the water through and then by boiling what had been filtered. The water had a orange tinge, presumably from running through the leaves in the gutter and from sitting stagnant for a couple weeks. … Continue reading »


Rainwater…An Essential Source for Drinking Water

One of the easiest sustainable sources of emergency drinking water is rainwater collection. It takes a surprisingly small amount of rainfall to collect 30 or 50 gallons just by diverting your downspouts into a plastic garbage can. In general, I use my rainwater to water the garden, an excellent use, but in a catastrophe, that … Continue reading »