A Serious Water Filter for the Serious Prepper

Eventually you will run out of clean, drinkable water, no matter how many gallons you have in your “self-reliance” stockpile. The serious prepper needs to get serious about water filtration so that rather than being “self-reliant,” you can become “self-reliant.” I recently purchased a Katadyn TRK Drip Gravidyn Water Filter. This is a great filter that comes standard with three, 40,000 gallon ceramic filter elements. This means that the unit out of the box has an approximately 120,000 gallon filtering capacity. That’s a lot of water! This is a gravity drip design filter which means you simple pour your dirty water (from a pond, river, rain barrel, etc.) into the top of the unit an gravity does all the rest. After some time, you will have a tank at the bottom full of clean, ready to drink water.

The unit also shipped with a small stopper that you can use to plug one of the holes where the filter would normally be inserted. This allows you to use two filters at once instead of three. The benefit here is that although each filter can theoretically filter up to 40,000 gallons, after about 6 months of continuous use the carbon inside the filters starts to break down, regardless of how much water the unit has filtered. For this reason, I would advise stocking up on extra filters and only using two filters at a time instead of three will save on the number of extra filters you need to stock up on. The only downside to two filters instead of three is that it will take a little longer to filter your water. This would not be a problem unless you have a very large group or your are not attentive to your filter throughout the day. Let it do its work while you do yours.

All in all, this is a great little gravity filter, something every serious prepper should have!

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Boxed Water Kit

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