Nationwide Standardized Amateur Radio Prepper Frequencies

Catastrophe Network and The American Preparedness Radio Network (TAPRN) have teamed up to create a Standardized Amateur Radio Prepper Communications Plan. This plan outlines a standard set of frequencies that should be used by all preppers following a catastrophic disaster. These frequencies will serve as a meeting point where information about the event can be shared and actions between like minded preppers can be communicated.

This plan will not and cannot work if it is not widely publicized in the prepper community! All preppers must know and understand these frequencies in order for them to become common meeting points. This is your call to action, if you are a licensed Amateur Radio operator and a prepper, please spread the word about this new communications plan. Tweet about it, blog about it, and most of all…share the document!

Click here to download a copy of the Standardized Amateur Radio Prepper Communications Plan.

The following are the frequencies that have been designated by Catastrophe Network and the The American Preparedness Radio Network (TAPRN):

  • 80 Meters – 3.818 MHz LSB (TAPRN Net: Sundays at 9 PM ET)
  • 40 Meters – 7.242 MHz LSB
  • 40 Meters Digital – 7.073 MHz USB PSK-31 (TAPRN Net: Sundays at 7:30 PM ET)
  • 20 Meters – 14.242 MHz USB
  • 2 Meters – 146.420 MHz FM

Aside from the TAPRN nets held on 3.818 and their digital net on 7.073, formal prepper nets will not be held on these frequencies. However, future exercises and drills may be held on-air between preppers and preppers are encouraged to use these frequencies to coordinate activities. Along the same lines, during catastrophes, it is unlikely that a formal net control will be established. The Standardized Amateur Radio Prepper Communications Plan outlines protocols for calling and communicating with other preppers.

The information, concepts, or opinions from CatastropheNetwork.org are intended for informational purposes only and must be evaluated by the reader, in consultation with a professional, to ensure viability for their individual situation.

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