Don’t Have Money for Gold…Save Nickels Instead!

Many preppers don’t buy into the idea of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on gold because when the SHTF, you can’t eat gold! This is very true, but as the dollar is devalued due to the ever increasing US debt and money printing it is important for preppers to take some action to secure money they can use if the dollar collapses. No matter how much you prep, there are still going to be items you will want to buy, even if buying them means using something other than the dollar. That said, it is still outside the the reach of many preppers to buy gold at over $1700 an ounce and silver at over $30 an ounce. Fortunately, two US coins in circulation today do have inherent face value because of the metals they are made from, they are nickels and plentiful pre-1982 pennies. This means that nickels and some pennies are not actually worthless fiat currency like most other coins and paper money that have absolutely no value other than trust in the government that prints or coins it. What does this mean…the prudent prepper should sift through their change at every opportunity to sort out the nickels and pre-1982 pennies! The following data captures how much inherently valuable metal is in each coin:

  • Nickels – 0.1205653 troy ounces of copper and 0.0401884332 troy ounces of nickel, the total of the two metals is currently valued at 5.22 cents.
  • Pre-1982 Pennies – 0.0949893807 troy ounces of copper and 0.00499944109 troy ounces, the total of the two metals is currently valued at 2.42 cents.

Although these coins don’t carry the high dollar value of silver and gold coins, there are several benefits to saving them for use post SHTF.

  1. There are no markups to buy them, they are in circulation at face value that is less than their value in semi-precious metals.
  2. They are easy to collect, you can even visit your bank and ask to buy rolls, cases, or bags of nickels at face value! You can also ask the cashier at the store to give you your change in nickels, giving a bogus reason like “I give them as prizes to my students” or “I give them to my grand-kids” if you feel embarrassed asking.
  3. Small denominations will be needed when buying everyday things like seeds, produce, sewing thread, etc., etc. Afterall, what are you going to buy with a solid, indivisible ounce of gold valued at $1700?
  4. Coins are recognizable. Post-SHTF, people will know how much copper is in a nickel or penny. Whereas, they may not have scales to weigh out copper wire bits or pipe.

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