A Standardized Coded Matrix for Secure Prepper Communications

Two fundamental parts of a network of preppers are operational security (OpSec) and communications, particularly radio communications. Without these two parts, a network cannot easily function together and or would be compromised to those seeking to steal or attack your network. Unfortunately, radio communications and OpSec don’t usually go well together since most civilian radio communications can be easily monitored on a scanner or other radio receiver. However, there is an easy, low tech solution that allows you to safely communicate critical messages without worrying about them being intercepted. The answer is called a “coded matrix.” A coded matrix allows you to transmit any message using only a series of seemingly random two letter character sets. For example, using the following Standardized Prepper Coded Matrix, the message “make radio contact on frequency 14.242” would be transmitted verbally as “HZ JU CN CQ CZ CO CQ CO” or phonetically “hotel zulu, juliet uniform, charlie november, charlie quebec, charlie zulu, charlie Oscar, Charlie quebec, charlie oscar break.” The word “break” should be inserted between sentences or at the end of every message. The operator should also repeat the coded message by saying the words “I say again” followed by the repeated message. The message is derived from giving the row and column characters that associate with the letter, number, word, or phrase that corresponds.

A standardized coded matrix is an important part of prepper communications because this will allow preppers using the Standadized Prepper Communications Plan to communicate without the general, unprepared listening public knowing what is being communicated. Remember, the internet will likely be down so it’s not likely they will be able to access the coded matrix after the fact. Therefore, only preppers who have prepared before the shit hits the fan will have the matrix. However, you can always scramble up the standardized matrix if you choose enhanced security. The following is the Standardized Prepper Coded Matrix:

Click here to download the Standardized Prepper Coded Matrix as a PDF.

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